Trusted Reviews Toshiba’s NB might sport the same basic internals, screen and connectivity as most budget netbooks, but its rugged, stylish design, comfortable ergonomics and excellent battery life – combined with speakers that put many laptops to shame — mean there’s still plenty to like. Press and hold the power button for more than a minute. Worked for me on the second try, then commenced a windows update. Nothing was working until I came across a button fn. Worked for me and I am so so pleased.

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Wonderful, it worked for me too, yey!! Please am I supposed to keep pressing it for long or just once?

This one worked on the Toshiba Satellite P I can breathe again. Hi I have same problem and when I connect it to the tv dislay laptop screen works again and when I turn it off and try to use without the tv the screen doesn’t come on. My computer had been dead for over 2 months not pugged in so that toshiba nb520 display probably why I toshiba nb520 display the problem.

Try to remove battery from laptop, plug in to charger and after that turn on your laptop. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

After one week that I was trying to fix it and several hours lost formatting my pc and installing new drivers you gave my the solution. Can you please tell me what to do when I open the laptop? Taking the battery toshiba nb520 display worked for me.


Download Toshiba NB Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 7

Battery is taken have work on my toshiba sattelite laptop thank toshiba nb520 display for the tips and Godbless. Had laptop stuck in draw out of way toshiba nb520 display i found this and YES it diwplay great.

The service centre was unwilling to look into it since this model is outdated. After four years of use, the old one was completely dead.

Its and this method is stilll effective.

So this issue is caused by a bad battery? Can I suck yo dick? Acer aspire – started with the black screen thing last night ,had toshiba nb520 display keep pressing “fn” and f6 to get the screen up for about 5 secs then black again. That f8 shift and power diden t work is still black.

You should also confirm toshiba nb520 display your memory is properly installed, and you may want to replace your BIOS battery. However onced powered back on, I only had to reset the date and time.

Thank you so much it worked x. For those of you with a laptop that does not have a removable toshiba nb520 display, this might help. Please someone copy and paste what old turkey said to do! Taking the battery out did not help.


My Toshiba laptop powers up, but the screen is black.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Thank you very much for giving out this idea.

I tried turning it offremoving the battery and the cablethen holded the power button for 60 secondsI did it twice but it had no effect my laptop is still powering up land i can see the logo for my laptop and then it goes black and it doesent do anythingsomrtimes it flashes the screen with blue red and mybe green color all at once. I also try to open the laptop. My Toshiba satellite was working fully and turned it of and slept but toshiba nb520 display next morning the laptop was giving me black screen how do I fix it.

Mine screen is still toshiba nb520 display i have a toshiba b laptop nd i hold shift,f8,nd power button nd i didnt make the screeen come up. Winifred Gray toshiba nb520 display are the best and fastest solutions.

Great it worked at the first time! Download the youtube how to disassemble ur laptop model [ Ex: