I can’t read the the package out and it looks dropped somewhere. It’s almost impossible to tell without seeing the output of “ip addr” or “ifconfig” and “ip route” on both sides, without knowing how you created the devices, whether there’s a firewall, etc. There, you should have a program attached to the tap descriptor that catches the frame and does something with it. Modifying it a bit, we can write a barebone function that creates a virtual interface:. Your email address will not be published.

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Tuntwp think you are running into an alignment problem, and it sounds like you are on a bit machine. I’m not really able to help you much with Java.

Understanding TUN TAP Interfaces – Natural Born Coder

It has many options If you want to see traffic going “out” the tun interface, you have to ping any other address in the In this case the After all, hardware switches don’t have MAC addresses.

Therefore I don’t believe that this is caused by firewall.

I must miss something that I’d appreciate your help:. Then I look at the “TX packets and dropped” counts from ifconfig. Hence my comment that perhaps the utility could check for the existence of the interface before calling the above function straight away although, on second thought, that would be racy and effectively useless in practice.

In this case, no new interface has to be created, so a regular user can successfully perform the operation. Guess I’m wondering how to force the kernel into sending data on the wire for this tap interface, when the some local application is sending data to the tap IP address.

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Goggle has no help for liinux. For the client, it’s ” If you enable IP forwarding on a host that is running simpletun, and create the necessary routes on the other host, you can reach remote networks through the tunnel.

Natural Born Coder

You can see this special route among others by doing “ip route show table local”. To huntap this, it’s necessary to bridge, on the gateways ie, the hosts that run simpletun or another tunneling software that uses tap interfacesthe local LAN interface and the virtual tap interface together.

So you only need the code to create tun interfaces. June 17, at As for the rest of your question, sorry but the lack of useful information is such that I’m not able to make any sense out of it.

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Furthermore, with a tap interface the traffic will be composed by full ethernet frames again, you can check with the network analyzer. This is exactly the same that happens with any interface, be it virtual or physical.

Is there somewhere I can funtap it from? Are you sure you’re doing it correctly?

After some investigation, it looks like tunctl creates tap devices only, ie no tun devices, while of course iproute2 allows to specify whether it will be a tun or tap device. For our purposes, there is no difference between tun and tap interfaces; it’s the program that creates or attaches to it that must know its type and accordingly expect or write data. Starting from kernel 2. Your original question did not contain any linix to the actual problem so I simply thought of a standalone machine receiving packets destined for the local box, while now it is possible to appreciate the real nature of your question.


tcp – How to properly configure a tun/tap Interface in linux? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

limux Difficult to tell without seeing the real thing, but in my experience, ethernet frames you read from the tap interface do not have a preamble, if by that you mean the “” etc. Please let me know your insight to the same.

When doing so, for it to be successful three things must happen:. Just as an example with SSL and a self-signed cert It starts a tuntqp interface not tap, as far as I can tell and than provide dhcp service to wireless clients.

Finally, I was able to get the program working again if: So in effect or so it seems I do not think I am over running any queues.