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Installing Camera drivers in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode. Given that the W’s screen has a shiny, reflective finish, this may prove something of an issue. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Design The Iconia Tab W’s two-piece design certainly has its plus points. The other thing to remember is the excellent handwriting recognition built into Windows 7; the touchscreen resolution is high enough that you can write on screen with your finger and have it come out as the words you were trying to write without needing to use a capacitive stylus. The outer section of the Acer Ring has four more shortcuts. The disadvantage is that most PC programs are designed to use with a mouse so the menus, icons, buttons and controls just aren’t the right size to use with your finger.

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It’s the other apps that you want Windows for in the first place that don’t always work well enough with touch. In these respects the Iconia Tab W falls short of what a business user might expect as standard. To shut it down the Ring icomia return to Windows you tap a ‘close’ icon in the top right-hand corner. Video performance from the Radeon HD doesn’t always quite keep up; although camrea p video locally was smooth and uninterrupted there were a couple of times streaming p from the Web when fast action sequences and pans weren’t quite as smooth as they could have been.

Apple Mac Mini review: Is it built-in camerz or external camera? Arguably, because the Acer Iconia Tab W costs as much as a notebook and can be used like a notebook, it needs to be able to substitute, percent of the time, for a notebook.

You agree to receive ace, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. Nithyananda J Replied on November 5, This is last year’s GPU crammed into a processor that beats an Atom on camear, which is a good match for the kinds of programs you want to run on a inch screen and control with your fingers.


But it’s a little too heavy so that while you can clip it in place as a screen cover which is pretty much an admission that you are going to want it fairly regularly and it does latch in place that way round, that turns the Tab from an slender screen into a chunky netbook. Both notebooks have iconla.

ACER ICONIA TAB W Cyberlink WebCam Application driver v for Windows 7 free download

How to upgrade your gaming area with lighting, speakers and more. Follow the steps provided below to uninstall the Camera Drivers.

Business users may be disappointed by the absence of a fingerprint scanner. It’s not the iconic piece of design that Apple would turn it into, but it’s clever and practical; a small, single adapter with removable pins instead of a separate cable to plug in and even if you’re not swapping the pins for travelling abroad, you can attach the power pins in four orientations to make it easier to fit the plug into whatever power socket you have access to.

All other drivers camerq perfectly except the rear camera. This was broken on our review sample so we can’t judge its utility. Turn it on its side and the screen rotates irritatingly this does blank the screen for a couple of seconds. Neither camera has a flash.

Sorry this didn’t help. You may still need to pinch-zoom in order to hit links accurately with a finger. Although it balances reasonably well on a desk, the relative weighting of the g keyboard and the g tablet make it top-heavy and prone to fall forwards off the knees; tapping at the screen only makes this more likely to happen. As is often the case with tablets, this sometimes kicks in when you don’t want it to, but you can lock it out using a button on the side of the chassis.

Did this solve your problem? The keyboard dock adds an Ethernet connector and two more USB ports.


The sound is excellent, especially considering the size of the tiny speakers on the back, thanks to the Dolby Advanced audio processing; you acef mistake it for a subwoofer but you can hear real bass, without much distortion even at full volume, clear midrange and sharp trebles with plenty ionia detail in the music and surprisingly good stereo separation for such a small machine. Verdict The Iconia Tab W wants to be the best of both worlds; in the end it’s one of the nicest Windows tablets we’ve seen so far barring the small size of the on-screen keyboard and that’s both praise and complaint.

Tap in the middle and you get finger-friendly controls for Wi-Fi, screen brightness and battery options. Acer has seen an opportunity here, and equips the Iconia W with Windows 7 and a separate optional keyboard.

Under these conditions we got video playback for just under four hours.

I have the same question 8. A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. The fourth shortcut brings up SocialJogger, which aggregates social media sources such as Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Acer Iconia Tab W500

The plastic ‘hook’ located beneath the space bar has to be pushed down when not in use, so as not to interfere with using the keyboard.

When I look at imaging devices in Device Manager it only shows a front camera installed. You get a full Chiclet-style isolated keyboard; the keys are a reasonable size and have clear space camrea them but it feels more cramped than the keyboard on a Iconiaa Mini 10 or an HP netbook and while they have some travel the action isn’t as good as more traditional netbook keyboards.